I’m currently reading this book: 

I’m on page 45 and I’m already hating it. It’s written from the point of view of a slim white middle class American women and has yet attempted to explain anything other than the reasons behind that demographic’s eating disorders. Apparently all girl’s with eating disorders are high achieving middle class girls with a perfect family life and a quest for perfection. It has the attitude of “Why are we, the highly intelligent middle class, still obsessing over our looks?” Erm, what about everyone else? As a working class white women even I can’t identify with it. What about women of colour, people who genuinely are fat, or lesbians or people from less privileged backgrounds? There has been no attempt to explain body image in girls who have to struggle to live comfortibly, to do well in school, or who have other issues to deal with because people from these backgrounds also have eating disorders. So clearly not everybody struggling with their body image feels that way because they have pressure to live a perfect life.  Maybe the book gets better, but from reviews I’ve read it doesn’t….hmmm. 

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